That constant pelvic ache which has been ruining you days, night be a hidden hernia! Have you ever wondered what the actual condition is? Do you happen to have a hernia which is not necessarily causing you any harm?

What Is A Hernia? 

Our abdominal muscles are actually stacked in layers. There are usually three layers of abdominal muscles and an unusual sac forms when there is a pressure pushing from within your belly’s inside lining. The sac pushes through the weak area in layer of your abdominal wall which is surrounded by muscle.

The bulge or sac is often notices within the groin on the right or left side or very commonly around the belly button area.  “The umbilicus or belly button is a natural weak spot and that’s why it is most prone to develop the condition”- says the best hernia surgeon in Kolkata

Who Can Get A Hernia? 

Lots of people suffer from hernia and they may occur with a number of reasons and are more common in those who have a genetic trend of developing a hernia. Also, people who smoke regularly are at an increased risk rate.

How Does It Occur? 

Activities which tend to make one prone to develop a hernia include straining on the toilet, heavy lifting or any other activities which will raise the belly’s pressure.

If you notice such a bulge, you should immediately go for a check-up as soon as possible. Seek the help of a hernia specialist even if the bulge is not hurting. If left untreated, you might have to go for a hernia surgery in Kolkata afterwards.

What Should You Know About Hernia Treatment?

Often, people who live with a hernia may hesitate whether to go for a surgery or not. Keep in mind, surgery is almost always the best route to take.  Lots of professionals believe that you should never delay with hernia surgery.

Even when you are not noticing any unusual problems or pain with it, the small hernia may grow larger if left untreated. Especially, when you are physically active and you frequently move about, the hernia will grow even faster.

Remember, small hernias are easier to repair than the large ones. When your hernia is increasing, the risk of reoccurrence increases even more.

Treating A Hernia 

If you are currently having a hernia and looking forward to get rid of it, consult the best laparoscopic surgeon in Kolkata soon. Avoid environment which makes you cough. Also, try to avoid certain activities which increase the pressure within your abdomen.