1712, 2020

What will be the follow-up regimes after undergoing hernia surgery?

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After you have gone through hernia repair surgery, it is very important that you heal properly, on time.  Though it may be hard to rest, you need to take out time for your healing before jumping right back to your daily schedule. So, what kind of follow-up care do you need after hernia surgery?  Here are a few tips shared [...]

112, 2020

Bariatric Surgery to Treat Obesity, the Silent Killer

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Some 15 years ago, you wouldn’t have seen so many obese people on the streets. Now, you often see overweight people struggling to get some space in overcrowded pavements. Obesity is mostly a result of today’s fast pace of life and sedentary lifestyle. As long as you feel comfortable and confident in your own skin, size doesn’t matter. But obesity [...]

1711, 2020

Hernia treatment by Laparoscopy

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A hernia is an abnormal bulging out or protrusion of a tissue or organ thorough an abnormal opening in the abdominal wall. In most of the cases, the condition involves protrusion of intestine. The basic symptoms involve pain or swelling or a bulge. While on the other hand, some cases have no symptoms. In such conditions, the weak spot might [...]

2110, 2020

Umbilical Hernia

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If a part of the bowel or fatty tissue bulges through an opening in your abdominal muscles near the belly button, it is an umbilical hernia. This condition can happen at any age, although it is more common in infants. When an infant begins to cry, it causes the belly button to protrude, making the umbilical hernia prominent. This condition [...]

710, 2020

Ventral Hernia

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If there is a hole in the abdominal wall muscles, the intestine or abdominal tissue can protrude through the muscle layer. This condition is a hernia. When a hernia occurs at any location along the midline (vertical centre) of the abdominal wall, it is a ventral hernia. It has three types. You have to undergo hernia surgery in Kolkata to [...]

2109, 2020

Incisional Hernia

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When the abdominal tissues protrude through the muscle of the abdomen because of a weakness in the muscle, it leads to an incisional hernia. The reason for the weakness is an incision made during abdominal surgery in the past. The appearance of the hernia is like a big bulge under the skin and it can be tender and painful to [...]

709, 2020

Facts About Weight Loss Surgery

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If you are thinking about going for a weight loss surgery, you will surely take advice from your doctor. Besides this, you might think to do some research on your own and that is fine. It is good to have a basic idea about what the matter is, especially when the internet is easily available to get any information. It [...]

2608, 2020

Laparoscopy for Various Diseases

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A surgeon can access the inside of the abdomen and pelvis without making any large incisions in the skin during laparoscopy. The other terms of it are minimally invasive surgery and keyhole surgery. A reputed laparoscopic surgeon in Kolkata inserts a thin tube, which is the laparoscope, by making small cuts in the abdomen. The tube has a powerful light [...]

1808, 2020


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The gallbladder is a small organ under your liver. The function of this organ is to store and release bile to help in digesting food. Sometimes, hardened deposits of digestive fluid form in that organ. These are known as gallstones. The following are the two types of gallstones: Cholesterol gallstones: Almost 80% of the gallstones are of this type. These [...]

2407, 2020

Best Laparoscopic Treatment Now in Kolkata

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Kolkata is making a prominent mark in the medical scenario of India. Many reputed medical organizations are established here. The surgeons here extensively use modern surgical procedures including laparoscopy. This procedure was previously in use for only gallbladder and appendix surgeries. However, there has been many advancements in the field of laparoscopy and this approach is now being used in [...]

1707, 2020

Guidelines to Follow After Bariatric Surgery

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A very effective procedure that helps you to lose weight is bariatric surgery. It is of different types. You can know all details including bariatric surgery cost in Kolkata from an expert in this field. After the surgery is complete, you must follow some guidelines to get the best results. Medications The doctor will prescribe different medications when you leave [...]

2506, 2020

Cancer Treatment with Laparoscopy

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When abnormal cells begin to grow uncontrollably anywhere in the body, that condition is cancer. The abnormal cells are known as cancer cells, tumour cells or malignant cells. There are various types of cancer according to their place of origin in the body. The early detection and treatment of cancer can save many lives. Surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, targeted therapy [...]

1806, 2020

Fight Obesity to Fight COVID-19 Better

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The whole world is in the grasp of COVID-19 at present. The novel coronavirus is the main culprit behind this disease, which has taken many lives till now. However, there are many people also who have got cured of this disease. The survival rate is more in young people than those who are old. This is because young people have [...]

306, 2020

Win The Battle Of The Bulge: Bariatric Surgery For Your Obesity

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Have you been trying to lose a significant amount of weight for quite a long now? Don’t traditional methods like diet and exercise seem to work for you? Undergoing bariatric surgery might be your ultimate savior in this weight loss journey.  What is bariatric surgery? According to the best bariatric surgeon in Kolkata, it is a popular treatment option for [...]

106, 2020

Advanced Laparoscopy: What Does It Mean?

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Does the word surgery scare you a lot? Well, it is quite natural for most of the patients out there. But with the advancements of medical science and technology, most of the major surgeries have become quite minimal and painless nowadays.  Advanced laparoscopy is one such surgical approach which is minimally invasive and possesses low-risk.  Read on this blog to [...]

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