An abnormal bulge or protrusion that pushes through a weak spot of the abdominal wall is known as a hernia. A hernia may not always bother you, but that does not mean that it can be kept untreated. A hernia does not heal over time without treatment. So, if you think that your hernia does not require treatment and will go away by itself, then you are mistaken. An untreated hernia may become more prominent with time and cause more severe issues, says Dr. Siddhartha Bhattacharya, the best hernia surgeon in Kolkata.

Types of hernia:

A few types of hernias are widespread. The groin is a common site where femoral and inguinal hernias take place. An umbilical hernia develops in the belly button. Another prevalent type is an incisional hernia that takes place at the site of some previous surgery.

Are you at risk?

The best hernia surgeon in Kolkata says that anybody can get a hernia starting from newborns to older adults. People who are more at risk are as follows:

  • Obese people
  • Smokers
  • People with chronic cough
  • People who are engaged in laborious work such as lifting heavy loads
  • People who have to strain while urinating or defecating
  • People with a history of open abdominal surgery


A hernia can be easily recognized. It develops a bulge under your skin. The bulge can be visible while you stand or strain and suddenly vanish when you lie down. In case of emergency, when the bulge keeps growing along with sharp pain, fever, and a constant vomiting tendency, visit the best hernia surgeon in Kolkata. Suppose your hernia is too tiny to get detected manually. In that case, your surgeon may ask you to get an ultrasound scan or a CT scan done.

When to opt for a treatment?

The best option is to opt for the treatment right after your hernia gets detected. Early detection and surgery will prevent you from many upcoming complications such as strangulation or obstruction.

Treatment options:

Surgery is the only treatment option that can make you get rid of your hernia. There are no such medicine or other possible treatments that can cure your hernia.

Complications of untreated hernia:

  • The size may increase, and it may cause sharp pain and other discomforts
  • It may become irreducible
  • An untreated hernia may lead to strangulation and obstruction – this may call forth an emergency surgery

Nowadays, people do not opt for open surgery because it consumes more time to recover. Laparoscopic hernia surgery is the best treatment option for repairing your hernia. It neither takes much time to operate nor requires much time to recover and come back to normal life. Visit Dr. Siddhartha Bhattacharya, the best hernia surgeon in Kolkata, and get rid of your hernia.