An overview of stomach cancer:

When abnormal growth of cells occurs in the stomach, the condition is called stomach cancer. The stomach is one of the most vital parts of our body that is located below our ribs and in the upper middle of our abdomen. Our stomach is a muscular sac that receives the food we eat and holds it. The stomach also helps those food particles break down and digest. Gastric cancer or stomach cancer may capture any part of our stomach, says Dr. Siddhartha Bhattacharya, the best stomach cancer surgeon in Kolkata.


Towards the beginning of the development of stomach cancer, there is hardly any sign that can be an indication. In most cases, symptoms are observed when cancer already reaches its advanced stage or when cancer spreads outside our stomach. However, there are many signs and symptoms that may hint you towards your stomach cancer. Those may include:

  • You may suffer from loss of appetite.
  • Unintentional and unexplained weight loss is one of the most prominent symptoms of stomach cancer.
  • You may feel full even after consuming the smallest meal.
  • Abdominal pain becomes an everyday companion.
  • There may always be an unexplainable discomfort in your abdomen, especially above your navel.
  • Nausea and vomiting can also be observed. The vomit may ooze out blood sometimes.
  • You may also suffer from heartburn or indigestion on a daily basis.
  • Blood in the stool is also an indication of your body to let you know something is not in sync.
  • In some cases, swelling in the abdomen is caused by stomach cancer.
  • Some sort of fluid may also build up in your stomach.
  • You may become anaemic, and as a consequence, you may feel weak and tired throughout the day.
  • If your cancer spreads to the liver, you may have jaundice where your skin and eyes turn yellow.

The best stomach cancer surgeon based in Kolkata says that people mistakenly think of these symptoms to be signs of lesser complex health conditions such as viral infection and an ulcer, and this is where they delay the treatment and let their cancer reach its advanced stage. Early detection and treatment help the patient get cured and lead a normal life like before. You must not ignore any of these symptoms and consult a doctor as early as possible. The more you delay, the more cancer gets time to spread and affect other organs. So, if you find either yourself or anybody known to you who is suffering from these symptoms, do not think twice and visit Dr. Siddhartha Bhattacharya and get cured.