Bariatric surgery:

Bariatric surgery is a weight-loss operation for those with excessive obesity. This surgery helps one lose weight to manage medical issues related to extreme obesity. If coupled with a healthy diet and changes of lifestyle, bariatric surgery lowers the death rate of patients with obesity, according to one of the most renowned specialists of bariatric surgery based in Kolkata named Dr. Siddhartha Bhattacharya.


There are myths about bariatric surgery. But there are certain medical conditions to qualify for this weight loss surgery. Your BMI that is body mass index needs to remain between 35 to 40 or higher and if you have medical issues related to obesity such as diabetes, heart disease, sleep apnea, or high blood pressure, then only this surgery is your option.

An easy way out:

People think that bariatric surgery is an easy option to get rid of obesity. But in reality, this surgery makes life easier and it is not at all an easy way out. If you have lost weight and want to keep it like that then you need to have immense desire and determination to do so. Lifestyle changes and dietary modification are mandatory. You need to remember that bariatric surgery is not a mere surgery for losing weight to look good but it helps you defeat more serious medical issues.

High risk:

Due to a lack of advanced technology during the ’70s, weight loss surgery was considered to be surgery with high risk. As previously, the incisions were larger which led to lifetime scars. Now, things are different. If you are a resident of Kolkata and are going to undergo weight loss surgery, don’t worry, it is safe as it is performed by experienced surgeons who are skilled with advanced technologies of laparoscopic bariatric surgery. Experienced staff members will regularly have follow-up sessions with you.

It is for fit people:

People who undergo weight loss surgery have severe health issues related to obesity. Bariatric surgery is more of a part of treatment and not a process of beautifying one. Why will a fit person need to undergo surgery? Patients with serious health conditions related to obesity are advised to opt for bariatric surgery by specialists and not everyone.

Long stay in the hospital:

It’s a complete myth that bariatric surgery demands a long stay in the hospital. A specialist based in Kolkata says that a patient needs a stay maximum of two days in the hospital for bariatric surgery. Advanced technologies have made the surgery so smooth and safe that the patients are allowed to have physical activities like climbing stairs, walking, and stretching exercises from the 2nd day of the operation.

It will only make one lose weight:

Research has shown that bariatric surgery is not only a permanent solution for weight loss but it is also a solution for co-morbidities especially for complicated ones. Many patients, after weight loss surgery in Kolkata, are off from regular medications for infertility, sleep apnea, dyslipidemia, diabetes, and osteoarthritis.

Note: The scars of bariatric surgery are very small as laparoscopic bariatric surgery requires minimum incisions.